Euker Tamper Evidence Labels

Securely sealed: Labels protect drugs and patients

The Eukerdruck GmbH, headquartered in Marburg provides secondary-packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. With the help of security labels can be ensured that drugs with expiry date of repackaging can be taken only once. During opening the label removes the packaging from the printing – that is why the packaging is useless for relabeling.

3D-Modeling and Motion Graphics

Cogneus represents this procedure by using a 3D-Animation, which was subsequently adapted and titled in pace. Therefore a professional audience, at trade fairs or internet visitors, can understand immediately what the advantage of the so-called „Tamper Evidence Label“ is, without long explanations.

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The Euker-Company provides the exact details of the process and benefits on its website.

Euker Druck GmbH
Eukerdruck Outsert 2in1

Eukerdruck Outsert 2in1