Acceleration of the typography

The latest generation of SEAT infotainment systems for Ibiza, Leon, Alhambra & Co. was equipped by Cogneus Design with Bitmap-Fonts.

Bitmap-Fonts for SEAT

The infotainment-systems in vehicles have to map the typography equivalent to all the media today. Corporate fonts of the brands of the Volkswagen Group are figureheads in the communication but also in the user experience. Automotive fonts must cover a large range of characters for different languages.

European typography project

The TrueType-Fonts of the Spanish design studio Minsk & Pilar Cano serve as a template. In the implementation as Bitmap-Fonts Cogneus attached great importance of all the characters on different sizes and typefaces. The coordination was carried out in close contact with the development department of SEAT.

Consolidated standards MQB and MIB

Based on extensive experience over many years of font-development for mobile infotainment systems in the Volkswagen Group, Cogneus could respond flexibly to the needs of SEAT. Designs and implementations have been realized fast, which are in line with Group standards.

Kerning and Test-Tool for Bitmap-Fonts

Unusually and a special ability of the SEAT-System for Bitmap-Fonts is to undercut character pairs. This individual adaptation of the character spacing has been able to ensure the readability of the Bitmap-Fonts similarly to TrueType-Fonts. To make kerning of Bitmap-Fonts directly, Cogneus developed its own testing tool to customize all texts in all languages on the target system.

Automation for Bitmap-Fonts

Each Bitmap-Character can be drawn and optimized by hand – but not in hundreds of characters! For this Cogneus has automated the production, so that only the design fundamentals were created manually. The numerous combinations of letters and diacritics were speeded up at the push of a button.

Typography versus Automation

In the imagination of the media industry, typography is a lengthy and creative process that does not allow automation. This is particularly true for the redesign of the TrueType- and OpenType-Fonts. But in the implementation as Bitmap-Fonts, the modern computer-technology of today, significantly shorten the project time and contributes to quality assurance of all fonts.

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Pictures: Producer, SEAT S.A.

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