User Interface Design for AICON 3D Systems: Bending Studio

UI Design as a unique

The AICON 3D Systems GmbH, based in Braunschweig develops solutions for optical measurement of industrial components. This includes all kinds of bending parts – from vehicle exhaust to the hydraulic line on the plane. After the successful redesign of the MoveInspect-Software by Cogneus Design was the Suite Studio Bending tackled. The User Interface Design is granted with high priority and serves as a unique selling point for potential customers.

Bending Studio for complex measuring processes of bending components

Bendig Studio is a software platform for data and processes involved in the production of bending parts. The software suite has been launched to the skills of highly sensitive measurement, whose procedures takes account of their calculation in real time and the comparison with the designed components. In addition, the suite is designed so that each workplace whichever task – construct, measuring, plan – receives individual tools.

Fixed Usablility-Rules for all modules

Two things were important to the User Interface Design: the design of a uniform appearance of all software components, without reference to the subsequent compilation of the customer and consistent rules of operation of the interaction elements.

The Cogneus-Team created three areas with wireframes: a module-column, through which the user can invoke the individual applications and can see their status. Then a context-sensitive methods-line, where the central general tools such as editing, deleting, exporting, etc. are provided, as well as a key area, which is built up by easy-to-learn control panels.

Icons, Icons, Icons!

A picture is worth a thousand words – and an icon is more concise than a technical term. From the abundance of special cases whole families of concepts were formed. These terms have been designed, so that the user can immediately recognize similarities. On the other hand, he is able to distinguish the main differences of several icons at once.

The same handling in both large and small

The result is a User Interface on which the user has to learn the handling of global actions in the system and concrete object-based actions just once. Above the Icon-lines at the bottom of the screen and below the panels, succeeds a consistent application of the software tools, which also saves space and is easy to learn. This leaves more space for the presentation of 3D-Models or lush evaluation tables.

One system for touch-screen and mouse-operation

In terms of hardware development for tablets, the surface has been designed, that is why the software can be operated with a few guidelines also at your fingertips. The implementation of the UI by using icons support it additionally. In addition, all the widgets and icons have been produced specially, so that they are scalable and for this reason shown regardless of the resolution of the system software.

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