AICON 3D MoveInspect

Modern interface for diverse and complex measuring tasks

MoveInspect is an optical measuring system of the Braunschweig metrology-specialists AICON 3D Systems consisting of cameras and associated software. The system captures dynamic processes three dimensionally and analyzes them regarding geometric changes.
Therefore movements and deformations of components can be measured.

Functionally and aesthetically: Graphical User Interface

The Cogneus-Team designed the Graphical User Interface of the MoveInspect-Software. The ambition of the design was to make the software functional more transparent and efficient, so that the user can analyze and evaluate the operations faster. This is supported by the modern appearance of the User Interface that is characterized among others by a central workflow-bar and intuitively understandable icons.

Step by step to perfect workflow

After analyzing the operating sequences, first designs were carried out as wireframe for the composition of the software that has been refined with the graphical Look&Feel. In close cooperation with the developers of AICON, the implementation and subsequent additions took place.

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