HMI: Automotive Cockpit of Tomorrow

Volkswagen AG has instructed Cogneus to develop design concepts for driver assistance, infotainment and navigation of coming vehicle generations and for innovative vehicle studies – in collaboration with the research, development and design department of Volkswagen AG.

User Interface Design for the Volkswagen Research

Innovative systems were checked for the possible operation on the basis of scenarios first. With regard to the later implementation Cogneus designed HMI concepts and implements them in graphic and content. The software prototype is programmed as a flash simulation and tested in mock-ups and vehicle prototypes.

In addition to the graphical user interfaces Cogneus provide fascinating presentations of innovative ideas. This long-term cooperation with Volkswagen AG has produced numerous national and international patents.

Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen AG

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Operating analysis
Multimodal interactions
Hardware concepts
GUI design
Operation of infotainment
Assistance systems

HMI Cockpit Automotive Sketch