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UI design: The user-friendly approach.

A user interface links products, services or business organisations to their customers. In the case of the iPad, the touchscreen is the key; while for companies it is their Internet presence and, for machines, their quality of operation. Design is therefore at least as important as technology, whenever a function needs to be simple and reliable. But design also needs to inspire your customers and permanently foment their loyalty to your product, brand and organisation.

Your partner in the design of user interfaces.

Cogneus Design from Marburg, Germany is your partner when it comes to the design of user interfaces and digital media. Cogneus has been working successfully ever since 2006 on behalf of clients from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain and China. Our owner-managed agency, with its headquarters in Marburg in the German state of Hesse, works both regionally and nationally on behalf of medium-sized business organisations in the industrial, automotive, IT and publishing sectors.
Cogneus can also advise you on the development of a successful online and printed-publication media strategy. The team at Cogneus provides professional design services for websites, graphic user interfaces, brand graphics and corporate images, along with digital books for tablet computers. Cogneus also configures corporate media production and websites for search-engine optimisation.

Our design services at a glance

  • User-interface design
  • Responsive web-design
  • Tablet publishing
  • Logo and brand design

Design for print or online? We do both!

Every target group uses its own media, so communication with each one should be adapted accordingly. If you choose only print or only online, you are possibly ignoring HALF your potential customers! It is for this reason that Cogneus operates with both print and online media. With its experience gained from both international and local design projects in the automotive, publishing and IT sectors, our team delivers knowledge designed to benefit your organisation.
You can obtain further information, with the focus on interface design and visual communications, regarding our approach to user interfaces, HMI, corporate design and websites. You can convince yourself of our outstanding performance in the course of a no-obligation initial consultation at your place of business or at our offices in the Upper Town district of Marburg. How do I get Cogneus involved?

Cluster Design: Spansion

Cluster Design: Spansion

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