Design from Marburg, Germany.

Cogneus – created from cognoscere (Latin for “to perceive”) and eu (“good” or “well” in Greek)

Value added for all media

The team of designers and R&D specialists at Cogneus® applies a full range of expertise in all media in an effort to find solutions to real, design-related problems. We deliver top quality – right from the first meeting through to final delivery – with full awareness that design is not an end in itself, but a means of sustainably enhancing the value of products and brands.
Our expertise in technology, design, automation and processes – combined with solid commercial know-how – is what makes us so hard to imitate. Whether your needs relate to responsive design, “tablet publishing”:/en/profile/publikationen.html, crossmedia, online shopping, colour management, PDF workflows, InDesign or GREP, we keep you up-to-date regarding current innovations, and help to turn them into bottom-line benefits for you.

Our style: New Objectivity

Some have dubbed our approach “Bauhaus”; others “flat design”, and our style is indeed minimised, clear-cut and “aesthetic”:/en/design-works.html in terms of typography, colour, form and function. We also advise you on what media you should focus on, and on how you should address your customers through the chosen media channels.
We can then bring aesthetics and creativity to life, with our mastery of such IT-related tools as apps, tablets, wireframes and their corresponding software. We use the very latest techniques, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, along with our role as iOS and Android developers, to optimise fully the possibilities of design and technology.

Valuable experience and individual expertise

CEO “Christoph Luchs”:/en/profile/christoph-luchs.html heads the design team at Cogneus. His experience gained from design projects in the automotive, software and publishing sectors, and from working with “clients”:/en/design-works/customers.html such as Adobe, Apple, Volkswagen and others, benefits our designs and helps ensure their maximum quality.

Strong partnerships from the very start

Cogneus® was originally founded in 2006, in the German city of Braunschweig (Brunswick). With a strong focus on the automotive sector, initial project commissions came from industrial clients based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and China. The company relocated to Marburg (also in Germany) in 2012. We work in cooperation with IT companies to develop Internet presences and interface prototypes. Our network of cooperating partners consists of organisations based all over Germany.

Other areas of interest

“Qualified designer Christoph Luchs”:/en/profile/christoph-luchs.html
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“The university town of Marburg (Germany)”:

Das Cogneus Team

Das Cogneus Team