The future has already begun.

User interface design for applications, websites and apps

We create interfaces for websites, apps and classic software programs; all of them designed to appeal to users aesthetically on the basis of well thought-out functions. As experts in usability, our priority is always to provide people with designs that let them control the technology – and not the other way around.

Responsive web-design and multi-screen concepts

Software and websites are nowadays accessed via a wide range of devices. We have developed, as part of an effort to optimise this interaction on any mobile or desktop device, our concept of “responsive web-design”:/en/webdesign/responsive-webdesign-aus-marburg.html, which entails designing websites for compatibility with all displays and touchscreens.

Multi-touch, gesture-based and voice control

The GUI is now being enhanced by the latest mobile devices, including the iPhone or the Surface, which can be operated by gesture, multi-touch and also voice control. We involve these interactions in our web designs and approach to the usability of interfaces, with our graphic concepts designed to make possible a holistic user experience.

Convincing overall concepts and individual graphic approaches

This concept, along with our well thought-out wireframe approach, is very close to our heart. Web designs, GUIs and their corresponding interactions need to be as smoothly linked as possible – even when different platforms are involved. This is why the little details are important to us: We create icons for innovative functions, for example, or finely-detailed patterns designed to bring high-resolution displays to life.

Touchscreens have been around for longer than the Apple iPhone

And e have created all manner of solutions for our clients: Web designs for industrial enterprises, embedded systems, machine control devices and GUIs for common operating systems such as Windows or iOS. We have also developed – in addition to the latest touch-based and gesture control – systems based on joystick, steering-wheel and mouse control, or keyboard input, for industrial applications and other projects. We would of course be pleased to apply this experience to your projects: “What is your challenge for us?”:/en/your-request.html

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